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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Heidelberg, Germany & Heinsheim Germany

Heidelberg, Germany

This bridge is beautiful.

Castle Ruins

Town Square where people gather to get a cup of coffee & a pastry, do some shopping,  have a couple of drinks, and just sit and talk to friends.

walking up to tour the castle.

ah....time for coffee and a quick bite to eat.

Smurf figurines
My favorite cartoon when I was a kid, smurfs...So we had to find a store that sold smurfs.  After all the smurfs lived in the black forest region.

Staying the night in Heinsheim,  here we are at dinner.

                This is the Pension we stayed at in Heinsheim, (Region Baden Wurttemberg).

     This is the van we have been traveling in.  Ya it is a Mercedes, which we have packed full when we are all in it with all of our luggage.  You have to love those German made cars, very good quality and great gas mileage.


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