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Sample Postcard - For this postcard we used a collage of 4 different photos all from the same region in Austria.

A Travelers Post would like to ask for your help.   For a future

update of Travelers Post app we would like to include several more postcards that are already

available to choose from within the app.   Although we already have 38 pre-made postcards available

in the app we would like to include more. We need more pictures of placesfrom around the

world....All of the pictures that are in there so far are places that we have traveled to

such as Paris, Several Towns in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Canada, Mexico, California, Nevada,

Arizona, Kentucky,  Illinois and a few more.  If you could submit several pictures from the same

place like 3 or 4 so that we can make a collage postcard from them that would be great.  Although if

you just have one really great picture we can use those as well. If you would like to submit a photo or

photos that you have taken from your part of the world or an interesting place that you visited please

submit it to:

Remember to include:

Your Name
Where was the picture taken?
What is the Picture of? 

Thank you for your support and assistance in making the

future update of the app even better for you.

Depending on the quantity of photos submitted we may decide to

do a contest to see which photos should be used in the future


Photos submitted should not include people in them.  All photos must be taken by you and you own the rights to them and by submitting a photo or postcard you are giving A Travelers Post permission to use the photo in a future update of the app A Travelers Post.

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