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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Engalm, Austria - Hiking in the Alps and our stay at a cow farm.


The language of Austria is German.  Although there are great variations of what is spoken from the north and east.  Learn to speak German for your travels to Austria.

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Eng Alm, Austria

This is where we stayed on this cow farm nestled in the Alps.
Its beautiful to wake up in the morning to the sound of cow bells jingling, breath in the fresh mornig air, and take in the amazing view.

Listen to the beautiful sound of the cow bells....

To watch video in YouTube please click the link below:



 Hiking in the Alps

we made it to the top now we hike several miles across to restaurant for a bite to eat.

Ahh...Enjoying an Almadoodle to drink (1/2 German beer & half lemonade), it is very refreshing and a bite to eat some sausage and cheese. Resting our tired feet for the trip back down the mountain. 

Someone is tired....

                              Time to head back down the mountain.  It was a little chilly up there.

a drink for our journey...

When we returned to the farm after our hike through the Alps we were famished, so we joined the rest of our friends and family for dinner at the restaurant there at the farm.

The next morning

                                           We got a quick bite to eat for breakfast before we left.

Packing up the van to leave for Zurich, Switzerland.

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