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Saturday, October 20, 2012

Southern Illinois - Shawnee National Forest

Southern Illinois


Shawnee National Forest -  

Located in the southern parts of Illinois you will find scenic wooded trails and recreational area, with interesting rock formations, stone bluffs, ancient Indian Village archeaological site, and stunning waterfalls and lakes.  This area is known as Shawnee National Forest.


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                                                                  Millstone Bluff   

Millstone Bluff is an ancient Indian village located 320 feet above surrounding terrain on a bluff in Shawnee National Forest, near Glendale Illinois. The archaeological site has 24 house depressions clustered around a central plaza, a rock art site with Mississipian Petroglyphs carved into a stone by the local artist , and a stone box cemetery with 20 coffin like stone boxes.

Woodland and Mississipian Indians both utilized this ancient village that is located atop the bluff.  Early American settlers used the Bluff as a Millstone quarry.

You can hike up to the top of the bluff along the 3/4 mile wooded trail.  Information tables with historical facts are strategically placed along the winding trail. 

                         Look closely at the rocks above and you may see some of the Mississipian

                                         Petroglyphs carved into them by the local artist.

Pictured below is a coffin like stone box in the stone box cemetery

Of this ancient village.

Left Millstone Bluff and Headed down the road to another part of Shawnee National Forest looking for bike trails to do some mountain biking. 

The autumn colors in Shawnee National Forest are simply amazing and well worth the drive to see them.  We were here in mid-October the weather was perfect and the colors spectacular.

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