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My name is Tonya and my family and I love to travel together.  My husbands name is Shawn.  We have been married for 16 years.  We have two children Cassidy (will be 15 in October) & Ethan(13).
We live in Illinois and there is not much to look at here except miles and miles of corn fields and the climate varies but it can get very cold here.  We prefer the warm weather, which is one of the reasons why we like to travel so much.  
There are so many beautiful places in the world to see.   Discovering new places, people and their cultures is great way to learn about the world and all that it has to offer. 
That is why we hope you will join us in sharing stories of your travels as well.  We would love to hear them.
Thank you for joining us on our travels....
Wishing you happy and safe travels for your next journey!
Tonya, Shawn, Cassidy  & Ethan Wells
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