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About the author – Despite having a busy lifestyle as a writer and caterer for Better Cater, Manilyn Moreno makes time for traveling. She travels 3 – 4 times in a year and do it a budget.

Tips on doing a backpacking trip

Nothing could be more exciting than to head outside of your comfort zone, travel the world and see all the marvels in stored for you. Don’t ever worry if you have a very limited budget. If you want to see the world and enjoy all the beauty it has to offer, then backpacking is what you’re up to. But before you pack your bags and start heading to the roads less traveled, consider these tips to make sure that you’re safe and secure whole traveling. 

1.                   Decide where you want to go.

The first thing that you have to consider before you set your foot on the road is to determine where you are going. It saves time and money to know where you are going because it will consistently keep you on the right track and knowledgeable of your next destinations.  If you don’t have an idea about where to go, you can try Australia, which remains the top destination of many backpackers. The island-continent is known for its glitzy cities, breathtaking surf destinations, inspiring scenery and budget friendly establishments and facilities.

2.                   Stay at a Hostel

Travelers and backpackers from all walks of life now prefer staying at an affordable hostel, rather than on an expensive hotel room. Hostels have leveled up already and you will now find private rooms and bathrooms, and immaculately well-kept beds, plus hotel-like amenities and services still at a reasonable price.

3.                   Take a Walk

The essence of backpacking is taking long walking trips while exploring different places. So, brace yourself and boost your confidence as you move past through from one horizon to another. It’s really a mind-enriching and self-fulfilling achievement to explore the places you’ve never been to, so much more when you do it on foot! Make sure you’re in perfect shape when you decide to go on a walking spree around the planet. Gear yourself by taking long walks at least two months before you embark on your trip. Consult your doctor, too, if you are plagued by certain health conditions. Invest in good shoes and pick a pair that you feel you are most comfortable at.

4.                   Travel Light

Just carry the essentials and skip the costly charge on baggage fees. Bring items with multiple functions, like a pair of pants that can function as shorts or two-in-one shampoos and conditioners. Carry light, walk light and enjoy life while you feel free to go anywhere you want.

5.                   Go on a Flexible Itinerary

Why stick to a fix itinerary when you can change it today, tomorrow, or next week? The secret to a flexible itinerary is picking a roundtrip flight with no exact return date. This will give you the freedom to go and enjoy the destinations of your choice while still free to go home anytime you want. Backpackers aren’t used to having a detailed itinerary. They love spur-of-the-moment surprises and so they’ll impulsively change their plans one minute and head to another destination instead. But of course, they do this with care. That’s why, always get your map ready, ask around the locals and make sure everything you need is ready, so you’ll find it convenient to go from one place to another.

Don’t be afraid to meet challenges along the way. Remember, the best lessons in life are learned outside your comfort zone. So, set yourself free! Pack your bags now and enjoy the exciting rewards that backpacking has to offer.

How you can book a romantic holiday for next to nothing
Heading away together for a romantic getaway is something important at all stages of life. Not only is it important to keep your relationship fresh and exciting, but it’s important to keep experiencing new things together as a couple.
Saying that though, it can be pretty difficult budgeting for holidays and romantic getaways – and often the financial stress of booking a holiday can take away the romance and fun. Because of this, grabbing a bargain or finding some great holiday deals – is really important. Not only does it stop you worrying about your budget and your bank balance – but it means you enjoy your holiday more too, once you’re over there.
Thankfully, for you, we’ve put together some amazing money-saving tips for you, to ensure you’re grabbing the very best holiday deals at all times.
1. Keep checking the Flash Sales
Websites such as Voyage Prive and Secret Escapes are great for grabbing last minute bargains and last minute escapes. Flash sale websites are perfect for those times when you want to grab a luxurious holiday for a budget price, and when you don’t want to sacrifice quality for price.
2. Book last minute
Lots of companies and hotels will offer last minute sales, so if you have enough money saved and readily available will let you grab these deals when they become available. It’s a great way of being spontaneous – but also saving some cash too! Bonus!
3. Book things separately
Booking your hotel and flights separately will often save you money – so if you’re only travelling as a couple this is easy to do and arrange. Look on flights websites and then book the hotel privately and separately. Tour companies often put a premium on packages – so always be aware of this!
4. Look for new hotels
New hotels will often offer better prices and bargains whilst they build up their reputation. Because of this, prices will often be lower – so keep that in mind. Look up new hotels in the area and contact them asking for any specials.
5. Book in advance
Whilst booking last minute can save you cash – so can booking in advance – just make sure it is well in advance – otherwise it could be pointless. Try booking hotel 6+ months in advance for bargain fares.
6. Sublet an apartment instead of a hotel room
Subletting a short-lease flat is a great alternative to hotel rooms. Subletting apartments are still great quality and you often get to be much more central for the price you’re paying. Often, you could get a 5* apartment for the same price as what you’d pay for a 3* hotel room – which is not only better quality, but much more romantic too.
Sarah works for No1 Traveller, an airport lounge in Birmingham. She loves traveling and romantic breaks!

Top Five Attractions in Hong Kong

From booking relaxing boat cruises to walking down the famous Avenue of Stars, there are hundreds of things to do in Hong Kong. However, few visitors have the time and money to see them all. If your stay is short or your budget is limited, this list of the top five attractions in Hong Kong will help you to make sure that you spend your time wisely.
1) Victoria Peak:
The iconic view from Victoria Peak is routinely chosen for postcards and posters of Hong Kong, and it is truly breathtaking. You can reach Victoria Peak via the Peak Tram, and the vantage point allows you to see a panoramic view of the city (including the glorious harbor and the majestic skyline). In 2010, CNN rated the Hong Kong skyline as the most impressive in the world. Watching the sun go down over the city is an experience you will never forget.
2) The Symphony of Lights:
Every night at 8pm, the world‘s largest permanent light and sound show begins. The stunning Symphony of Lights involves elaborate firework displays, bright searchlights and neon laser beams. This narrated show aims to celebrate Hong Kong’s diverse culture and spirit, so it is well worth making time for it at least once. You can also watch it entirely free of charge, so it is an ideal attraction if you are visiting Hong Kong with a smaller budget. The best views can be enjoyed from the Avenue of Stars.
3) Boat charters:
Exploring the 260 islands of Hong Kong is a wonderful way to spend a day. For less than $500, you can charter a boat for eight hours, though it is worth noting that the more expensive boats provide a greater degree of comfort and a wider range of amenities. A boat trip quickly becomes affordable if the cost is split between all the members of your traveling party, or if you can find other tourists who are eager to share the experience. If you enjoy photography, the journey around the islands will provide you with many opportunities to photograph beautiful landscapes and dramatic coastlines.
4) The Temple Street Night Market:
Along with the Ladies Market, the festive Temple Street Night Market is one of the most popular places to browse stalls that are packed full of diverse products. Lit by bright lights, this bazaar offers everything from luxury goods to eccentric souvenirs. There are busking opera troupes, traditional fortune-tellers, and entire areas devoted to selling local food. You can visit the Night Market any day of the week, and if you bargain hard then you can collect quality items for a fraction of their usual prices.
5) The Nan Lian Garden:
Finally, you must make time to visit the Nan Lian Garden. Some believe that it is the most beautiful place in Hong Kong, and the lack of entrance fee makes it another ideal place to visit if you are low on funds. There are intricate ornamental trees, several galleries, peaceful water features and a popular teahouse. When the park was designed, the goal was to create a serene, calming oasis where residents of Hong Kong could escape from the busyness of city life. In addition, the Nan Lian garden is situated right next to the gorgeous Chi Lin Nunnery, so you can enjoy both of these glorious attractions during one day trip.
Jonathan Larsen is a part of a network of bloggers writing about travel on behalf of companies such as credit card provider American Express Hong Kong. American Express credit cards offer cardholders a range of benefits from travel, entertainment and shopping.

Top 5 Destinations to Visit Before the End of 2012

            With the beginning of October just dawning today, the end of the year seems closer than ever. So take some time to consider the best places to visit this year before 2013 makes its debut.

1.     Panama City, Panama

Traveling through Latin America is not always easy, but the best part about it is that there is always something to learn. Luckily, with this year's new trade regulations, Panama City has become a bustling hubbub of business and luxury for visitors and emigrants from all over the world. Reminiscent somewhat of Miami, Panama City offers the best of both worlds for tourists: beautiful, relaxing scenery and an interesting history with tons to learn.

2.     Myanmar

Wait... where? Myanmar, formerly known as Burma, is a country located in southeast Asia. After suffering for years under a corrupt dictatorship, the country has opened up since 2010 and started holding democratic elections. Since the nation has been largely isolated from tourism, its denizens are warm, friendly and curious about foreigners. The culture of Myanmar is deeply steeped in Buddhism and Buddhist traditions and peaceful, tranquil resorts dot the coast and the recessed forests away from the city. If you are curious about visiting a place that will make most people say, “Where the heck is that?” Myanmar is a great idea.

3.     Tokyo, Japan

Despite the tragic tsunami that covered the northern part of the island, Japan has stoically moved forward and remained optimistic. Before the disaster, Tokyo was one of the most visited cities in Asia, but tourists have become reluctant, scared away by the threat of a nuclear leak. However in the wake of this bad news, comes some good. Because the tourism industry has been so hurt by the disaster, prices to visit Japan have dropped significantly, making now the perfect time to travel and experience the best of that great nation.

4.     Lhasa, Tibet

If you've ever seen the movie Seven Years in Tibet, you'll know about the difficulties that have befallen outsiders in this mountainous, isolated nation. In the past, Tibet has been completely closed off by the Chinese government due to the strict religious nature of the country and the constant accusations of human rights violations by foreign organizations. Nowadays, the Chinese government still regulates the amount of tourism that is allowed in the country but the capital is becoming more and more open to the possibility of foreign investment. Modern Lhasa has resorts, hotels, modern amenities and even a mall. So although you still need a special visa to access this unique city, it is worth trying for this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

5.     Havana, Cuba

Cuba lies just 90 miles away from the southern tip of Florida, yet it has been closed to American visitors since 1960 due to political disagreements. Recently, however, the Obama Administration has loosened some of the strict rules about visiting Cuba and opened it somewhat to American tourists. In order to visit this Caribbean nation, you'll need a special visa that guarantees that you are going there for cultural exchange purposes, but with so much to learn about this unique city, is that really asking for so much?
Written by the Marketing Department for Los Angeles car accident lawyer, Paul E. Lee


 Pros & Cons of Traveling By Coach

 Whether it is a holiday trip, an out of city business meeting or a family reunion,


travel experience always matters. There are several means of transportation, and


each one of them has its own pros and cons. With advancement in technology,


coach travel has become less popular in modern countries. People have started to


prefer travelling on airplanes, bullet trains and their personal vehicles, but


coach travel has its own charms.


     Coach Travel Is Economical

The cost of travelling by coach is way less than that of air, personal vehicle or

 train travel. Airplane

tickets are not just costly, but they also need to be booked a lot before departure

 date. The only way to get cheap air travel tickets is to book tickets months ago,


and this is totally impossible in case of sudden travel plans. The fare of high class


trains is pretty less as compared to airplanes, but still at least 2x more than the


fare of coach services.


                                                          Enjoying Sights

 Air travel doesn't involve much sightseeing. Travellers are only able to see clouds

 while travelling  thousands of feet above the ground. Train travel does give


travellers the pleasure to look around, but most trains travel at speeds of 150mph


 or even more, so thereis not much to see at this pace. On the

 other hand, coaches travel at around 80mph, which is a decent speed and

 travellers are able to enjoy  several fascinating sights during their journey.


Cars also travel at similar speeds, but it is difficult to enjoy sightseeing while




Entertainment in Coaches

It was long time ago when airplanes and trains were the only mode of transport

 having sources of entertainment. Modern coaches have several entertainment


facilities including, Wi-Fi, TV, movies, music, and refreshment facilities. Some


coaches have individual LCDs for every passenger, while others have one or two


large LCD screens showing a popular movie or TV channel. Travellers are

provided with headphones which can be used to listen to TV, radio channels, or

 popular tracks. Coaches also have stops on their journey, and passengers can


take a small walk, have something to eat/drink or enjoy a smoke. The stops aren't


toilet breaks, as modern coaches have clean toilets withinthem. A dedicated bus


hostess is present to provide passengers with refreshment,drinks, water and other


items such as newspapers, magazines etc.


Downsides of Coach Travel

There are not many downsides of travelling by coaches. The major problem is

 that coaches travel slower than trains and aero planes. People can travel from


one state to another within a few hours by airplanes or trains, but coaches take a


lot more time. On the other hand, coach travel doesn't require long check-in and


check-outs like that on airports. Another problem with coaches


 is that most peoplecan't sit for a long period of time, and they prefer travelling


by train where they get a whole berth to sleep.



 Modern coaches have several incomparable benefits. One should not forget that

 coach travel has some drawbacks, but overall, it is a lot better than any other


mode of transport. The final decision of choosing a mode of transport depends


upon the destination, season of the year, and reason for traveling.

 Gold Coast: The Gem of Australia                    


With its endless stretches of golden beaches, excellent restaurants and plethora of amusement parks, Gold Coast is always a fantastic place to visit. From relaxing on its world-class beaches to exploring its amusement parks and shops, there’s no shortage of fun things to do and see in this beautiful city. Those visiting this Australian gem should keep these attractions and destinations in mind when visiting.

The Gold Coast offers some of the finest beaches in all of Australia. With more than 30 sun-soaked beaches to choose from and warm weather year round, Gold Coast’s beaches are its premier attractions. Surfers Paradise Beach boasts spectacular views and some of Australia’s best surfing while Broadbeach is a true hidden gem and well worth a visit.Burleigh Heads and North Burleigh are two other world-class beaches that offer plentiful opportunities from swimming, surfing, sunbathing,water sports, fishing, boating and much more. Other great beach destinations in Gold Coast include Snapper Rocks, Tallebudgeera Creek and Kirra, another top spot for swimming and surfing. Gold Coast’s beaches aren’t its only attraction. The city and its surrounding area are packed with fun amusement parks and beautiful wildlife reserves to enjoy as well. Be sure to check out the Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary, home to a wealth of exotic animals, as well as the Sea World and Dreamworld amusement parks. Wet ‘n’ Wild and WhiteWater World are two top-notch water parks worth visiting while the Australian Outback Spectacular is always a unique and fun destination. Also, don’t miss out on Tropical Fruit World or the Warner Bros. Movie World. Other top activities in Gold Coast include the city’s excellent shopping, dining and nightlife scenes.

With its world-renowned beaches, fun amusement parks and easygoing atmosphere, Gold Coast is always a thrill to visit. Whether you wish to relax, have fun or just enjoy the stunning Australian scenery, the Gold Coast has it all. This post was prepared by the travel writer over at Skedaddle Car Hire, you can check out their guide to Gold Coast car hire if this article has inspired you to make a trip there!




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