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Travelers Post


 Gone are the days of mailing postcards, Travelers Post allows you to send e-Postcards.

Guess what !! well here is your personal iPhone postcard sender, send them as you travel...

Want to send a postcard of some photos from your recent trips. Choose the friends whom you want to send the pictures from your phone’s contact list. This app also allows you to have your friends’ contact details saved automatically.

Type in where the postcard is being sent from and the date it is being sent and the app will automatically stamp the postcard with the circle dated stamp that you would see on a postcard that actually got mailed.

Personalize the postcard pictures with your own images from your travels add a frame to give your personal touch and make photos nicer.

Flip the card over to the back side of the postcard and insert your message,  add a cute stamp on it. Finally send the pics to your loved ones. 

Once the e-postcard has been sent it can be viewed later as they get immediately saved on your phone.


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