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Monday, September 10, 2012

Niagara Falls, Canada - Labor Day Weekend 2012

 Niagara Falls, Canada

Labor Day Weekend 2012- Road trip....
surprised the kids with a trip to Niagara Falls, Canada.  Woke up that morning and just decided we were going to go, so we told the kids to pack their bags and after school and work we were going to hit the road. 
 School got out early so we were on the road by 3:00. The kids still had no idea where we were going, but they were very excited and it was a lot of fun playing guessing games on the way there. 

 Niagara Falls, Canada is about an 11 hour drive from where we live so we decided we would drive until we got tired and spend the night there, wake up early and hit the road for the remainder of the drive.  We ended up staying in Flint, Michigan that night which was about a 5 1/2 hour drive from home. 

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Crossing the border into Canada....

Currency Exchange right past the border very convenient...

Welcome to Ontario, Canada

Bridge to Canada

Niagara Falls....We made it!

                                          Niagara Parks Welcome Center

Things to Do at Niagara Falls, Canada

·       Maid of the Mist:  takea boat ride to the center of the falls and feel the mist all around you.

·       Journeybehind the falls:   journey below and behind the falls and watchthe water rush by and feel the mist from inside the Falls.

·       WhitewaterWalk :  Stroll along the boardwalkas you watch some of theworld’s strongest rapids

·       Falls Fury Experience:  Witness the power and beauty of nature in 4d,as you experience the creation of the falls. 

·       Niagara SkyWheel:   Viewof Niagara Falls from 175 feet in the air, as you ride inside the fullyenclosed glass, climate controlled gondolas, the skywheel will give you themost spectacular views of the Falls for an experience you won’t forget.

·       Skylon Tower:  Enjoy the World Famous Fallsview as you rideto the top.  Capture amazing photos whileyou walk around on the observation deck and dine in the revolving dining room

·       Niagara Freefall:  Indoor Skydiving, rock climbing andlazerball.

·       Butterfly Conservatory :  Over 2,000 colorful, tropical butterfliesflutter around amoung the lush  exoticplants and blossoms of the conservatory. The conservatory is open year round.

·       Bird Kingdom:   World’s largest free-flying aviary. A tropicaladventure of exotic birds and reptiles.

·       Clifton Hill Amusements:  Enjoy over 300 games and amusements on CliftonHill, including Movieland Wax Museum of the Stars, Dinosaur Adventure Golf,Galaxy Golf, XD Theater, Guinness World Records, Mystery Maze, BrontosAdventure Playland, The Fun House, The Haunted House, Brick City, The House ofFrankenstein, The Crystal Caves and much more…….

·       MarineLand:  You will find the world’slargest collection of Beluga whales here, with underwater viewing for an upclose and personal look into how these whales interact with each other.   An enchanting experience.  You will also find dolphins. Sea lions andkiller whales at MarineLand.

·       Niagara Helicopter tours:  Experiencethe thrill of the ride and spectacular views of the Falls from above as you flyover the Falls In a helicopter sightseeing tour, available for individuals orgroups.

The Ultimate Falls Experience

We decided to purchase the Niagara Falls Adventure Pass it included:

Adventure Pass 

Maid of the Mist Tour
Journey Behind the Falls Tour
Niagara's Fury
White Water Walk
Includes transportation and discount coupons

Niagara Heritage Pass

Old Fort Erie
Mackenzie Printery
Laura Secord Homestead
McFarland House
Includes discount coupons

Niagara Magic Pass

Journey Behind the Falls
Niagara's Fury
Butterfly Conservatory
Includes discount coupons

 Passes can be purchased at or at any Niagara Parks Welcome Centre

 Our Maid of the Mist Tour

Our Jouney Behind the Falls Tour

I apologize for the poor quality photos but the Falls look so stunning at night with the full moon shining down on them.  This picture definitley does not do it justice.

Helpful Links

These links are not affilate links I do not make a commission off of them. I just put them there to be helpful for anyone planning a trip to Niagara Falls these links will provide more info on tickets, pricing, hours of operation for many of the attractions that I discussed in my blog.

  Niagara Parks                                             MarineLand                           Clifton Hill                          

 Niagara Falls Attractions                    Fallsview Water Park                         Ripleys Niagara                    

  Bird Kingdom                                         Niagara Helicopters                 Niagara IMAX Theatre                   

 Niagara Freefall Indoor Skydiving           Skylon Tower                                    

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