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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Paris, France to Cologne, Germany by train and dinner in Bruhl, Germany- August 2011

Cologne, Germany -

We had about a 4 hour train ride to Cologne from Paris.  It was a very nice ride though because we got to see the countryside as we rode.   When we got there our friends were there to greet us with warm welcoming hugs.

 The train station is right next to the Cologne Cathedral so we walked around admiring the beauty of the enormous Cathedral. We boarded another train more like an above ground subway to go to Bruhl, Germany where our friends live. 

Paris Train Station
Paris Train Station

Train from Paris to Cologne, Germany
about a 4 hour trip

Cologne Cathedral - Cologne, Germany

Bruhl was only about 15-20 minutes away from Cologne on the subway.  When we arrived at the station in Bruhl there was a nice restaurant called Kaiserbahnhoff  the rest of our friends were waiting for us there.  It was a very nice surprise we ate a very nice meal and then walked to their house where we would be staying for the next 3 days.


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