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Sunday, August 2, 2015

New York City- Day 1- July 11, 2015

NYC- Day 1 - July 11, 2015

Flight from Midway Airport in Chicago to New York Laguardia Airport.

                                                           view from the airplane window.

Once we arrived in NYC we took a taxi to our hotel located at 94th and Broadway.  Checked into the hotel and then took a taxi to go pick up our NYC passes.  When we got there there was a sign saying that they would return at 2:00, so we decided to get some Lunch at a mexican restaurant while we waited.  The guacamole was amazing and they give you plenty of it.

We decided to take a walk through Central Park while we waited for Shawn & Ethan to arrive.  The day was gorgeous.


                           While looking for the restrooms we came across a model doing a photo shoot!!

 I looked so forward to seeing Bow Bridge, I have seen so many beautiful picutres of this bridge and I was very disappointed when we got there and saw that it was under construction and partially covered with scaffold and tarps.  We also were not allowed to walk across it.

 I love the Brownstone buildings, always thought it would be awesome to live in one of these!!

Stopped at this Gelato Bar for some refreshing gelato.

A gorgeous evening to dine outside for supper at this Italian Restaurant not to far from our hotel.

Shawn and I took a walk through Central Park that evening, staying only on the very well light trails.  The lights of NYC are so beautiful!!

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