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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Tennessee River & Cumberland River -Grand Rivers - Kentucky & Barkley Lakes Kentucky


Grand Rivers

Kentucky & Barkley Lakes
Kentucky Lake
The Kentucky Lake was formed with the completion of the Kentucky dam in 1944.  The dam was built to provide flood control  for the Tennessee River and also generate hydroelectric power.
It is one of the largest man- made lakes in the world.  It is 184 miles in length, flowing north from Tennessee to West Kentucky.

Postcard from Kentucky Lake

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 Kayaking Lake Barkley

We started out kayaking on Lake Barkley at dawn, it was absolutely beautiful.  We watched as the sun rose above the trees on the horizan and light up the sky and the vibrant autumn colors.  We spent 3 hours kayaking Lake Barkley then we got hungary we decided to head back to the truck and go find a nice spot for a picnic.

Lake Barkley

Lake Barkley on the other hand was created in the early 1960's.  The lake was formed when a dam was constructed on the Cumberland River.  Just a few miles from the Kentucky Dam.  The two lakes are connected by the Barkley Canal which followed the construction of the lake and dam.   When the two lakes were formed it created an inland peninsula.  John F. Kennedy designated the peninsula as Land Between the Lakes National Recreation Area to try to stimulate economic growth.

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